What is the easiest way to learn Hindi?

Hindi is considered one of the “big five” languages in the world: the 5 languages most spoken in the world with over half a billion speakers!

Learning Hindi can seem like a challenge at first. However, learning Hindi can be easy as long as you have the right tools.

Learn the basics you will need in everyday life

Start by learning basic phrases such as “Hello, how are you ?” “Goodbye, have a nice day” “How much is that ?” or “Where is the toilet?”. This will give you confidence and will ensure that you can communicate with Hindi speakers in day to day situations.

This will keep you motivated and interested in the language.

Make difficult tasks easy

Hindi uses its own alphabet called Devanagari. A lot of people, when confronted with the idea of learning a new alphabet, become discouraged and decide to give up learning right away. However, Hindi can also be written in the Latin alphabet which will make the process of learning easier for you.;

It is also advised to start by learning how to speak Hindi, and when you are more confident in your speaking skills you can start learning the alphabet with the help of flashcards!

Learn the cadence of the language

If you want to sound fluent (even if you are not) you will need to learn the cadences of the language. Learn how to stress the words and the rhythm of the phrases. You can do this by watching Youtube videos, movies, or series in Hindi.

But there is an even easier way to learn this fascinating language.

Learn Hindi online with italki

At italki, we help you improve your Hindi by connecting you to Hindi tutors for 1-on-1 lessons online. Our experienced teachers and community tutors will tailor lessons according to your skill level, interests, and hobbies. They will pay special attention to the learning difficulties you’re facing and help you work upon them. This will help you to learn Hindi faster and much more efficiently!